Friday, 25 February 2011

This morning when I got on the tube there was a small girl sitting on her Mum's lap near where I was standing. As we pulled out of the station she got off her Mum's lap and made her way to her bright red buggy, sat down and then did up the safety catch on the belt.

She was so good - I was impressed - so I smiled at her and she waved back at me!! So cute!

However, that wave, the sign of farewell, was quite coincidentally the theme for today. I work in the Civil Service and we're going through the process of "voluntary exit". So in our small office of 24 we will say goodbye to four folk today. Quite a sizeable proportion.

The good news (though not for my diet) is that there are a wealth of very tasty cakes waiting to be consumed.

The bad news is that its sad and hard to say goodbye...

For the people concerned its a whole new style of living opening up - most have taken the chance to retire earlier than they'd expected. So ideas to join walking clubs, visit galleries more often, re-visit London landmarks, just spend more time with friends/family and all sorts of other exciting plans have been filling the air.

For the people left behind the work will still be here and be the same but the dynamic will change. The hole that has been left by that unique person will have to be filled in some way by some one.

Change is always difficult, no matter how small or large it may appear. Lives will go on and the work will continue to get done but I shall miss these individuals for a multitude of reasons.

Have you ever noticed that a child's wave is often with their fingers spread wide apart...

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