Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Shoes are definitely capturing my attention at the moment.

Maybe its the influence of the media coverage of London Fashion Week - all glamour, glitz and celebrity. The front pages are currently a bizarre mix of natural disasters and/or popular uprising with a splash of colour provided by a fashion model. Whatever it is I couldn't stop my jaw dropping to the floor last night when a young woman 'walked' through the hotel lobby in a pair of shoes that were so vertiginous that she actually couldn't walk!

The other curious thing was the colour, they were a fleshy beige so at first sight it looked like she had no shoes on at all.

Its probably because I'm not someone who is greatly exercised by fashion, I prefer a classic/timeless style which then requires less maintenance! A product of laziness and disinterest I suspect... and surely a great disappointment to my daughter who always looks fab and fashionable! But I digress - as usual!

Why wear something that is designed to be virtually invisible and that makes a perfectly normal function - walking - almost impossible? Shuffling was the best way to describe her movement. What is it that draws to follow trends and styles, flock to fashion shows, devour style magazines?

And how do you balance that almost obsession in some with the real issues that fill our media...

I do find it rather incongruous to see photos from the catwalk alongside reports of the terror and bloodshed in the fight for democracy that's unfurling in Africa and the Middle East... I was therefore greatly impressed by representatives from the Formula One 'industry' who - when the first race of the season was called off - said that there were far more important things to handle in Bahrain than the circus that is a Grand Prix... (I paraphrase the interview a tad!)

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