Saturday, 12 February 2011


Another fabulous word isn't it! It's round and fulsome and rolls about your mouth as you say it.

I've just been watching an act of tenacity from my window.

One of our new neighbours who has only moved into their new home since the start of the year was definitely but slowly moving a large terracotta pot with a beautifully trimmed box shrub in it. It looked back breaking as she was hunched over the pot carefully rolling it along the tarmac of the courtyard that we share at the back of our properties towards the front of her house.

I did initially think about going to help but actually rolling it is probably the best way to move something like that which is heavy. Beside knowing what my back is like I'd have invariably been left doubled up myself!

Tenacity is something you see a lot of in nature. I was also looking at the plants in my garden earlier. Most of the bulbs are now through and the ones that have broke through a couple of weeks ago are now several inches high and the odd one already has a spear-like bud concealed amongst the leaves. The deciduous shrubs are also showing more and more signs of life with several bold enough to be unfurling delicate foliage.

I know from the bird song that greeted my recent trip outside into the late afternoon sunlight that they too will soon be showing oodles of tenacity! Finding a perfect spot, then gathering twigs and other nest material in the face of fierce competition.

Some times you just have to go the extra mile and put in the extra effort to achieve your goal...

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