Monday, 31 January 2011

Weight has been weighing on my mind. In fact it often does but since its a grey Monday (or at least it is where I am) I thought that something light-hearted might not go amiss.

Though weight is rarely light-hearted is it...

However, last week in my hotel room were a set of scales in the bathroom so I did what most women would do and stood on them - having checked they were zero-ed properly. I was delighted to learn that I weighed 8 stone!! Now anyone who knows me will also know that figure is seriously wide of the mark and might ask if I had one foot on the floor still! I tried it a couple more times and each time I got the same answer. I did contemplate popping them in my suitcase - but only for the briefest moment!

Seriously though, our body size and shape is an increasing modern concern. The pressure on people to conform. The constant bombardment of images that portray tiny models can be quite depressing.

I know I could do with shedding some pounds but I also know I enjoy my food and drink - I'm rather partial to the odd glass of wine!! It requires determination and will to change your habits - and that is what dieting involves... Life-changing routines.

Like everything else in life, done for the right reasons its good and healthy, done for the wrong or obsessive reasons it is quite the opposite.

As for me, I'm trying to exercise more... its a good first step, if you'll forgive the pun! Even better - the sun has just come out!

(And for anyone who is interested... I can give you the room number and hotel I stayed in!! tee hee)

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