Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Do you remember your dreams?

I don't all the time and I know people who never do but every so often I have a dream that is so vivid that I can recall it like I've watched a show on TV or a film at the cinema! I even have what I call serial dreams, ones that happen in a series that I pick up on a different night some times weeks apart but that continue a story that I started in a previous dream... I have no idea whether or not that is unusual.

Last night I had a dream that would be worthy of engaging Tim Burton to Direct! The whole dream was just wacky! I mean surreal, with people completely out of context and 'sets' that were only just short of being classified as utterly bizarre.

It ended with me swimming in a deep slow moving river where wide circles of ever moving/changing shape pretty red "insects" floated around us. I was swimming with my friend from infant school days (who now lives in Australia!). As we swam into these circles I suddenly became aware that the feather-y "insects" were in fact jelly fish tentacles! For some reason I was in a swimsuit (I think...) but I had bare arms - my friend was in a wet suit!!

At that point I woke up with a jelly fish wrapped round my left upper arm... quite exhausted - though not panicking!

I find dreams fascinating. What on earth did that mean? Did it mean anything at all?

A couple of years ago I did a course in Spiritual Direction and one of the modules was interpreting dreams. I was transfixed the whole day - not least because of the concept that God speaks to us through dreams.

I'm not sure what his message to me was last night - maybe it was to tell me to slow down and let my poor brain have a rest!

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