Saturday, 9 April 2011

I've just had THE most wonderful day.

It started well because we had friends staying overnight so breakfast was long, leisurely and satisfying. (We didn't eat again for another 7 hours... and then only a toasted hot cross bun! In fact the taste still lingers...)

But then we went to the north Norfolk coast to a place called Brancaster - to walk round a golf course called Royal West Norfolk... The thing that Pete (Hubby) said that struck a chord as we marched towards was "this course is hand-crafted by the Maker". Its a fabulous links course, its contours moulded and etched over time by wind, tides and nature in its broadest sense.

The golf was a distraction! The tide was on the way out and folk were making the most of a clear blue sky. Spring was tumbling out all over the place, bursting forth from its winter straitjacket. I saw the most incredible 'silk nests' from which tens of tiny caterpillars were emerging! I must check out what they were - apart from an abundant and readily available food supply for hungry hatchlings.

I've added a couple of photos but what I can't capture is the smell of the sea or the sound of the larks... I hope you can add that with your imagination - or better still find a similar location and wallow in it yourself...

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