Friday, 1 April 2011

When you walk along a street what do you??

I always look up - my eyes are drawn to the top of buildings... are yours? I suspect I'm a liability though! I rarely see what's in front of me or if I'm going to bump into folk!

Yesterday evening I walked from work in Westminster up to Soho where I was going to see a film at the Curzon cinema with my new flatmate. I decided on my route before setting out - there was no doubt which way I'd go... along Horse Guards towards The Mall.

That road is edged on one side by the beauty of St James Park and on the other by the most magnificent buildings. Just before you get to the back of Downing Street in the building where the Cabinet War Rooms reside there is the most splendid building. I ought to know what it is but it doesn't matter... it might be the Treasury... but it really doesn't matter!

I was transfixed. Its really crazy because I must've been by that so many time but last night I looked up!

The detail took my breath away! There were different stones used so that natural colours were used to heighten the beauty and relieve the monotone of the main stone. There were carvings and stunning statues. There was a balustrade edging the roof that looked so ornate you began to wonder why...

I think it helped that the sky was blue and the sun was out but never the less it was just wonderful!

So why not try living dangerously in the coming days and look up... not down!

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