Tuesday, 19 April 2011

This morning as I emerged from the tube and went through the gates a gorgeous black and white spaniel greeted me the other side of the exit gate. How sweet you might think... when the reality was how sinister. It was a sniffer dog and came complete with two burly police handlers.

Apparently there's a wedding happening soon, somewhere near here... roads are being shut. drains peered into. Every inch is being combed in the hope that any malicious act might be foiled. I wonder if the dog or one of its 'doggy colleagues' will be there every day from now until the end of April?

Every possible vantage point is now adorned with scaffolding to maximise capacity - and (I suspect) earning potential. The media frenzy that we're starting to see in our papers and on our screens is clearly nothing in comparison with what's to come...

I'm rather relieved that I shall be preparing for my own family wedding celebration. One that will attract just a tad less attention but actually still means exactly the same for the two folk involved. Brides and grooms share the same intentions and hopes, dreams and desires. They long for happiness, for the fairytale happy ending.

I'm just glad we don't have to worry about getting in sniffer dogs... there's enough else to plan for without that!

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