Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Some things just strike me as odd!

I was on an early-ish train to Liverpool this morning and as I walked along the platform at Euston station I was quite taken aback to see a set of footprints on the tarmac beneath me! Not fresh or damp. Not shiny or slippery. But distinct and clear, left and right prints.

Is it just me or do you also feel compelled to follow, implant your own footprints onto those?

There is something that draws me to measure my footfall against those. When I'm at the beach for example I often see what it feels like to trace the walk and gait of others. Its almost like you get a better sense of that person. It might be a complete stranger but you can immediately tell if they like to step out, for example, by the length of their stride.

If you have time and care to examine footprints more closely - especially in sand - then you can also work out where folk put the pressure on their feet. If they have an uneven walk then you can tell. If they're running then heels 'disappear'...

So much from something so 'insignificant'.

To follow in someone's footprints bring many thoughts to mind. Its an honour to follow them. Its often a challenge as well. On occasions it can be quite tough. At other times it offers comfort.

It invariably a privilege though because you are continuing their work... where they left off...

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