Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I had a "flashback to my childhood" moment earlier today.

One of my colleagues was talking about a food supplement product described as 'tasteless cod liver oil'. Immediately I was about 4 years old standing in front of my mother, mouth wide open, who was wielding a teaspoon with a daily dose of cod liver oil that I had to swallow. Fortunately I wasn't that bothered by it though I know its not to everyone's liking.

It also made me remember the thick, syrupy orange liquid that swiftly followed the oil. I guess they were both providing me with essential nutrients in an era where food rationing had not long ceased to be a part of daily post war life.

How times have changed... at least here in the UK for the most part young people have a balanced diet, though even here there are still areas of poverty and malnourishment.

The whole image got me thinking, not just about the memory of being fed 'medicines' - we also used to get given tablets (for all sorts, from toothache to travel sickness pills) crushed in a spoonful of jam - unlike the sugar Mary Poppins dispensed! We survived and grew up strong.

I contrast our choice and relative food wealth with those whose bellies are distended from hunger. I look shame-faced at the waste we produce and am challenged about the injustice of it all. I think about the use of precious water supplies to irrigate luxury crops for our voracious appetites. I think about fair trade...

I actually and firmly believe that there is enough provision in this world to go round, to feed everyone... so why isn't it working??

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