Saturday, 16 April 2011

I've been weeding my garden today.

I love my garden, its still very new - only just a year old and watching how it has grown in that time has become a real delight. I only see it each week so I really notice the difference.

But back to the weeding. I think I know a reasonable amount about plants but when they're tiny its quite tricky to tell the difference. Aquilegia - is a favourite of mine and it always produces lots and lots of weeny black seeds that I like to shake over the garden. But, the seedlings are quite similar to those of wild clover - which is a weed and once it takes hold its a nightmare to get rid of! I know...

Some times people are like that...

They look similar to something familiar. You think you know them. In fact that pretend to be what you know - maybe not deliberately but they do so none the less. Then when they start to grow you suddenly realise that they're different and threatening. They stifle the all around them by taking over.

It takes time. wisdom and experience to spot a weed... I'm still learning!

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