Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I woke up at 5.30 this morning and just couldn't switch my mind off and go back to sleep! I hate it when that happens - its bad enough in the middle of the night but at least its worth going back to sleep but when its within an hour or so of the alarm going off its hardly worth the effort!

However, I made at least one major decision that I'm still grappling with it - trying to work out if it was merely a result of some state of over anxiety brought on by the early hour or if it is a wise move. Then I ran over all sorts of things I have to do in advance of the wedding - ours not the 'other one'! I then remembered a really random email that I needed to answer and, when that happened, realised the battle was lost!

I was awake!

Its interesting how the time of day influences our reactions and thought processes. Maybe its the solitude and peace that comes with night-time that exacerbates things. Even if you have someone else in the bed or room its still, often, a lonely time and place. Problems seem more dramatic and scary. Resolutions feel more frantic and urgent. I invariably end up having very vivid conversations with God. Real and gritty discussions that challenge (me - of course!)

In the end there was only one thing for it...

I got up!!

Its already been a long day and I don't get into Norwich until 11pm tonight!

At least I can cross roads there and not trip over campers or have a camera follow me! We're now barricaded in, post boxes are sealed, roads well and truly blocked. It makes the preparations for our wedding this weekend look pathetic!

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