Sunday, 10 April 2011

I saw a magpie today. It flew across my path with a twig in its beak that was longer than it was!

It must really mess up the aerodynamics of flight - to have such a huge in balance. But it seemed to manage OK. Nest building is wonderful. It is so diverse. There are birds that just put together a mass of twigs and others that truly weave their 'home'. Some line them with moss or feathers or even the lints/fluff that comes out of the drier.

When I was doing my final exams at school many, many years ago one of my friends did a project looking at the fleas and insects that could be found in different nests - to see if there was a difference. Fascinating things - nests!

I've been doing some nesting myself! Neil (son) and Nicola (his fiancee) moved into their new home yesterday and will marry in 3 weeks! Neil will be here during the week to collect some bits and pieces of furniture - including a small wardrobe that I've promised him.

At the same time Naomi (daughter) and Colin (her fiance) will move in here for a month or so until they emigrate so I had to empty their drawers and wardrobe so they have room for their clothes. Well the ones that won't go into the container taking everything else.

At no time did I carry anything in my 'beak' but I can tell you now my back knows I've been 'nesting'!!

I am thankful that I have to and can do it...

By the way - I didn't find any bugs or other little nasties....

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