Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Has someone closed London?

The office is so empty and quiet. The tube had a range of seats to choose from. Even the train into London this morning was approaching 'deserted'. However, tourists seem to be making up the difference! Wandering along streets noses in printed out maps or following their personal GPS system... Stopping abruptly on streets and platforms. trying to stuff the wrong card/ticket into a gate...

You can sense my rising frustration can't you...

I guess working where I do doesn't help, there's no way to avoid sightseers even in a 'normal' week.

It makes me realise how easy it is to slip into being selfish and inflexible. How simple it is to get into a defined routine that has to happen like clock-work, smoothly, seamlessly without hassle.

Its not the first time I've realised I'm becoming selfish ad self-centred. I realised that a decade ago when I went to Taize for a week and really resented the lack of personal space and being told where to be and what to and what to eat and what (not) to drink! I was quite angry by the end of the week and surprised by the depth and vehemence of that anger.

Becoming aware of ones own failings is a good thing - provided you do something about it!!

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