Thursday, 28 April 2011

This weekend is all about family...

The obvious family celebration tomorrow. Though it some times seems like they are packaged as a reality TV programme - by the media, not necessarily by their own volition

But we're embroiled in our own family celebration - our son, my son gets married on Saturday and the work to prepare for it truly started today!! I crammed the normal weekend chores into a single day and added a whole load of others, including welcoming to close family friends from Taiwan to stay and also I'd agreed to give a talk at a local church about my reflections on General Synod!!

If nothing else proves that I'm mad that does - it must've seemed like a good idea at the time... but as I gulped down my supper and looked at the still enormous 'to do' list I questioned my sanity.

As it was the talk must've gone well because there were lots of questions afterwards and they want me to return! What a gift - being able to make the government of the Church of England look and sound interesting!

I've finished packing. I just have to pack up the laptop and prepare for the fun of tomorrow... LOTS of flowers to arrange and a church to make even more beautiful...

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