Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I work in an open plan office... In some ways I always have - throughout my career. Though initially for office read lab! Actually all the labs I've worked in have been for many more than one person, working with chemicals on your own is not the best plan!

But since I've moved into a role that is desk based I've always worked open plan and never felt the need or even the desire to have a little room on my own. Though in my 'business' - like so many others I imagine - space often equates to status and 'personal' space is definitely a significantly higher rung on the ladder! Or maybe - you know those extendable ladders - its a whole new 'piece' of ladder!!

I like the chance to hear what's going on... that says a lot about how inquisitive I am - some call it nosey! But I work in a busy environment where things happen at a pace. Often I can pick up little wriggles that have the potential to turn into a major problem by over-hearing a telephone conversation for example.

I love the buzz of conversation. I find it highly amusing to hear the ring tones people use. The different little bleeps for texts. You can tell a lot about people by their ring tones, maybe that's a whole subject for a thesis!

Today there were only a few folk in so it was really quiet! It was strange almost like being in a place where you have to be quiet! A library or a church maybe. It just didn't feel the same let alone right. Almost like there was a frisson of tension in the air. Who was going to speak loudly first or laugh even.

Does everyone pick up those signals? Do all people sense the same emotional environment I do?

I suspect the answer is no. I suspect we all pick up different 'vibes' and I am sure some people pick up none whatsoever! Its all part of knowing how to live in a harmonious way... or in a community...

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