Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Day! For me its a bit like Christmas Day... the time leading up to it is full of preparations and then the day itself dawns! And its over in a flash!

I don't need much excuse to dress the house and make it look beautiful. I've already told you that! Its a feast day, a festival! And for me that means one thing... going to church - because feast days and festivals always involve that!

I saw a headline on the BBC website about a Chinese Christian and it reminded me of the time that we spent Easter Day in Beijing... We were in a hotel that was next door to a Catholic Cathedral. The coaches of people never stopped turning up on Easter Sunday. We managed to squeeze into a service but it was constant movement and people trying to get into the building to celebrate the festival!

Its a bit like that in your average Church of England parish - not... sadly. I sometimes wonder if its too easy for us... We've certainly become dulled to the message of the Easter story. Dulled by its familiarity. Yet the story is so incredulous to be almost beyond belief...

New life. The reason behind the Easter festivities...

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