Friday, 15 April 2011

I find the diversity of folk I encounter on the tube each day fascinating.

The human form is pretty standard really, or at least you think so until you start to look around. The obvious difference are height - or lack of it - shape - often too much of it and sometimes (far too often) to little of it... Then you notice skin tone and hair colour - or lack of it - the latter made all the more exciting by the multiplicity of dyes available combined with the skills of hair technicians (I learnt that was a profession yesterday!) and a greater acceptance of individuality.

I notice fashion - in London in particular, that same recognition of individuality adds much more style and colour to clothes. I notice languages - possibly most of all, because you can be aware of the spoken word without seeming to be rude - looking is easily mistaken for staring, which might be offensive...

I love to listen to the intonations of various languages. I really love listening to the sing-song tones of far eastern languages, so utterly beyond understanding they almost become a sort of music. You can pick-up moods and tensions.

I also notice people's state of well-being. The often proud but clearly homeless folk who sit up a corner trying to be invisible. Those who are burdened by exhaustion. Those who resemble hamsters on a wheel, just going through the motions to keep up. Those who are vibrant and full of vigour. Those who are trying to hide their sadness.

The human form is pretty standard really...

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