Thursday, 14 April 2011

A new lease of life!

That's a phrase we often hear isn't it. "have you noticed, so-and-so has got a new lease of life" and the next word is often "since". Since they changed jobs. Since they retired. Since they fell in love. Since they recovered from... that illness, that relationship breakdown, that accident.

The list is almost infinite. But the difference is real.

I've been thinking a lot about change today. Change pervades my life quite a bit at the moment. My work life is a constant sea of change and my family life is pretty similar at present!

But what I was chewing on was mainly focused at the way change goes down at work, with my colleagues, with the people in my team. Some handle it, others don't. Some thrive, others shrink.

I know I thrive on change at work, though I don't do it for the sake of it - I am a fully paid-up member of the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" club! But change seems to be an essential part of business life today. Some folk handle changes on process but feel unsettled by physical changes in the office, a move to a new floor or different building can be a real challenge.

I've learnt to enjoy change at home. Having kids almost forces that! Kids are change. They grow each day. They learn something new. They discover a fresh skill or gift. They constantly push the boundaries. And then they peak... or at least you think they do.

But the reality is that their pace of change just alters, slows down. They still change. They move away from home - and then boomerang back when funds are low. They form relationships... that some times end in a serious, life-long commitment.

I'm going through most of the above at the moment - and its exhausting! I feel ten years older! But we grow through experiencing and dealing with change. We deepen our spirituality...

So it was delightful to see a colleague who retired recently back in the office for a chat. She does look well and truly like she has had a large new lease of life... It gave me a bit of a boost!

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