Monday, 18 April 2011

Manmade things can be sooo ugly!

For the last twelve plus years I have looked out on a flood meadow more or less each Monday morning from my train carriage. I love to see the seasons pass by and the marvel at how the 'landscape' changes. The little river that flows alongside it meanders beautifully sometimes with grace and calm dignity and at other times it churns and swells.

In the autumn and winter it regularly bursts its banks, spilling its contents in such an elegant way and thereby doing what it says on the tin and flooding the meadow... Flocks of birds land in/on it and paddle and possibly even find some tasty morsels to eat.

However... someone has decided to carve some extra channels/ditches into the meadow and they look horrid. They are square sided and straight. Nature has yet to colonise their banks so they look like great big gashes. Wounds on the perfection of nature.

They really are quite ugly! Offensive even....

I'm not sure who decided to do it or why because the meadow is still under water - despite the lack of rain recently. I shall watch over the coming months to see if it does improve and becomes blended into the beauty of the original... but I doubt those harsh straight lines will ever be softened..

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