Monday, 25 April 2011

New life... an egg has been laid by peregrine falcons at the base of the spire of Norwich Cathedral - as the congregation attended Easter services.

Then my Mum texted me to say that the blackbird's that are nesting in her garden have hatched. Such tiny weeny fragile little creatures. All huge bulging eyes and translucent skin.

The weather has continued to be amazing so I have been doing all sorts of things that will probably immobilise me tomorrow! I cleaned the car inside and out, then waxed and polished it till it gleamed.

Not content with that I then decided to creosote the fence - except it isn't creosote anymore, its something that looks the same but doesn't have the smell and can wash off the brush in water!

Having had to bend down and contort my back in some rather unnatural ways I then decided to go along to the health club I belong to for a sauna.... Now that is my idea of bliss!!

As I drove into the car park there was the youngest fledgling ever. I suspect it had only left the nest that day. No tail - or hardly any - standing still in the middle of the drive. As my car approached he did eventually panic and try to fly away.

Delightfully gauche new life...

As for the sauna... I'd forgotten how fabulous it is and how relaxing I find them... I almost fell asleep... my breathing had just dipped into a sort of semi-snore. I feel chilled just thinking of it!

(What an inappropriate use of words!!)

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