Saturday, 23 April 2011

Ooops! The Queen was 85 on Thursday so that means I got he number of Maundy money folk wrong... Hmmm I think that shows where I stand when it comes to the Royal family...

Today had been sooo warm! I feels like August rather than April and I have spent lots of time watering the plants in the garden. Even the established ones are beginning to look decidedly peeky! But how wonderful to have the whole four days of Easter so delightfully sunny... though as I write this we're about to put the curse on the weather in Norwich by lighting up the barbecue! In fact the clouds are gathering at the mere hint of the preparations we've done.

Still it won't be the first time we've barbecued under a large umbrella and its not likely to be the last!!

I've put the cover back on the garden table and chairs in a pathetic effort to stem the inevitable. Playing psychological mind-games with the weather is really rather desperate!!

Spring just seems to be happening at double quick time though... I saw the first Marguerite daisy on the road side this afternoon. The cheery blossom is already falling - it only came out last week...

English weather is rarely dull... actually its often dull as in grey and overcast but its rarely dull as in boring!!

I just wish the clouds that are gathering were as wispy as those in the photo...

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