Tuesday, 11 January 2011

As the alarm broke my sleep this morning I was aware of another noise - bird song...

That makes my heart soar...

It immediately lifts my mood!

Why? Well its invariably a sweet sound, a melody that immediately transports me to balmy spring days; warm summer evenings.

Of course there are bird songs that are anything but tuneful. The caw caw of crows is an ugly sound. The chatter of magpies - which has become much more common of late - always makes me searches the tree tops to find out where they are.

Back in Norwich we have a pair of wagtails that visit the garden to feed, their call is a fabulous conversation. The goldfinches have a more staccato cheep as the flit away. The robin just warbles its heart out. Blackbirds seem spend much of their time squabbling with one another.

Isn't it fascinating - I identify human emotions and actions with their songs.

The one that roused me this morning set my mood for the day.

Maybe it was just as well! I've been sitting waiting for a service engineer to come - all morning! Not his fault that someone has to be last but it did try my patience as I ran out of things to do!!
Then I had a mood boost. While waiting for the tube a pigeon swooped in, with a rather acrobatic manoeuvre on a gust of wind, landed neatly and started to coo coo softly...

Balance restored...

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