Monday, 10 January 2011

I'm so lucky!!

There are days - usually those when I have time to sit and ponder it - when I realise how fortunate I am. When the little niggles that cause my brow to furrow are put firmly into perspective!

I treasure my two hour (sometimes longer) commute on a Monday morning because I have the luxury to watch the rhythms of life unfold in front of my eyes. And the gift of sight to enjoy it...
It is truly mid-winter that I see through the window. Every last leaf has been stripped from the deciduous trees by storm, frost, snow and ice. They look splendid and revel in their naked glory!

Nakedness is so revealing, it strips away pretence and deceit. It uncovers hidden tales - in trees it's often nests or a flourishing "community" of mistletoe. London plane trees show off their very seasonal 'baubles'. In people we see the pattern of lives revealed through the visible scars.

However, there is something more that catches my eye. Have you ever noticed how the thick trunks, sturdy branches and delicate twigs mirror the images of our own circulatory and lung systems?

Isn't nature amazing?!

The resonances and echoes that are repeated in all life systems is truly incredible. But undeniably logical - though logic is much less romantic! There is something deeply attractive about this very basic connection...

I'm so lucky to have the luxury of the time on a train journey to ponder all this...

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