Thursday, 20 January 2011


Spring is just round the corner!

How do I know?

Well, it's because lurve is in the air

Along with quite a number of other people I was waiting for the tube this morning. The nearest station is above ground so there are lots of our feathered friends around. I've mentioned them before. On the canopy above the platform opposite were a pair of pigeons who were definitely indulging in a little bit of "billing and cooing" !

It was fabulous. We were all transfixed. I should make it clear that this display was strictly limited to courting, nothing more explicit!!

The male looked splendid with his iridescent plumage all puffed up as he really did "strut his stuff". He paced around his lady companion as she wandered nonchalantly back and forth, leading him a fine dance... His head bobbed up and down and he swayed from side to side. It was such a beautiful display. I don't know about the focus of his attention but those of us watching from the platform were impressed!

Nature is definitely starting to get frisky. I noticed that the catkins have also blossomed. They were rippling and waving as I drove along the road on Monday, shedding their pollen on the breeze like precious gold dust in search of their female counterparts.

It struck me afresh that all creation puts on its most gorgeous "clothes" when undertaking the deadly serious business of reproducing.

It made me smile!!

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  1. As usual we're on the same wavelength! I took a photo of the catkins in the park yesterday and was thinking the same thing; a lot of the beauty in nature is there for reproduction. They glowed bright yellow in the sun. Give me those cold, crisp, sunny days any time! Today we were back to colourless skies and a damp in the air that penetrated to my bones. Didn't stop me from enjoying the catkins though!