Thursday, 13 January 2011

I can't not say something about all the flooding that is happening across the world!

Queensland has been decimated. Media reports talk of flooding of "Biblical proportions". certainly the pictures and video footage that we see bear out the devastation that is occurring there. Then there have been yet more catastrophic floods and lethal mudslides in Brazil.

Hundreds have already lost their lives and many more are missing.

Natural disasters are what they say on the tin - natural and disastrous...

They frequently give little or no warning yet the havoc they cause lasts long, long after the journalists disappear - as witnessed by the return by many in the media to Haiti one year on.

I'm really not sure if climate change and humanity's influence on it are part or even all of the cause of some of these dreadful events. I'm a scientist and I can see the logic in a potential causal link. But that's not really the issue for me or at least its not the starting point!

We live on the most beautiful planet (I've said that before in an earlier post) and we should do our utmost to care for it

We shouldn't give in to the temptation to plunder it

We shouldn't give in to the fallacy that its resources are endless

We should cherish the delicate balance between eco-systems and mineral wealth, between the atmospheric cloak that protects us and the demands of modern life

We should be driven by a desire to pass on its beauty and resources to many, many future generations

And finally - we should never underestimate the power of nature to fight back...

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