Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Light intrigues me...

In fact it captivates me!!

Over the last 24 hours I've been even more aware of it than normal. The partial eclipse of the sun yesterday was what triggered my interest. As I sat on the train I made sure I had a window seat that could look at the eastern horizon and I waited as dawn started to unfold in all its glory.

First there were a myriad of pinks and reds that lit up the whole sky, so vivid that they reflected off the clouds in the west. And therein lies the problem! The clouds!! The eastern horizon had a few but as we travelled further south they thickened and all hope of even catching a glimpse disappeared. Though I would swear it did get darker for a while - or was that just my over-active imagination?!

This morning as I left home dawn was breaking once again but this time into a virtually clear sky. Just a few candy floss coloured vapour trails criss-crossed the sky. Why wasn't it like this yesterday...!!!

However, by the time I emerged from the underground and walked towards Westminster Abbey I was awe-struck by the clarity and sharpness of the light. The white stone of the Abbey was tinged burnished gold on the eastern facets and the vapour trail above shone like polished silver. The shadows were long and coal dark.

I love sunrise and sunset in the short days of winter...

Light is so precious, so vital, so dynamic...

It really makes me ponder the meaning of "I am the light of the world"

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