Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I was travelling on the local train service in Liverpool yesterday. It's a good system and takes me from the main station to the local stop close to the office quite smoothly.

I was waiting on the platform for the right train to turn up just observing folk - its what I enjoy most. Lots of people get their energy from engaging with others- in groups or singly, some get it from solitude, I get it from observing the world around me. I know that sounds strange but it give me a real buzz...

My eye was drawn to a mother and child. The mother was the epitome of fashion, down to the sort of skyscraper high heels that make me feel weak at the knees to just look at them. Her hair was bottle blonde and immaculate, fashioned beautifully into a little backcombed mound. The buggy she was pushing was bright red and with all the gadgets. Her daughter was equally stylish.

I know a lot of the above sounds bitchy and unpleasant but there is no other way to describe them. I am so not like that!

We got on at the same door of the train and they sat on the opposite side of the carriage to me.

I was then completely blown away by their relationship!

The mother spent the whole journey playing with and talking to her daughter. First of all it was a sort of game of hide and seek with a brightly coloured rag doll. Her daughter's giggles were infectious. Then she realised it was hot in the train so they threw off the cover, and took off her coat. They laughed so much and the games continued. She also spoke to her constantly and not in a childish way but saying things like "we're going to see Grandad's new house, I wonder what it will look like". It was just a joy to see and a privilege to overhear.

I am ashamed to say that I was surprised but that is mostly because I've witnessed so much bad parenting that I expect the worst. This mother was a fantastic example and wonderful role-model.

Don't judge a book by its cover!

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