Saturday, 22 January 2011


It's such a wonderful word!

It lingers on the tongue and rolls around the mouth. It has a bountiful feel to it.

It came to my mind this morning as I was walking to a prayer meeting. Despite the very harsh weather before Christmas I was surprised to see that the hedgerows still had some fruit clinging to the branches. I rather assume that these are the berries that are the least tasty for birds and small mammals but I was still amazed to see that nature's abundance still had provisions left in the store cupboard - so to speak!

As I walked along it brought to mind a piece I read in the paper last week which was suggesting that we should adopt a "one child per family" policy as they have in China. The reason being is that the limited food supplies we produce are rapidly reaching a point when the population demand will outstrip the supply.

I firmly believe that we have the resources on this planet to care and provide for everyone. But we do have to use them carefully, wisely and unselfishly.

I am sure I am not the only one who senses they are detecting a "reverence" for our planet and a real drive to protect its future...

I am sure there is sufficient for us all... I pray there is...

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