Saturday, 15 January 2011

There are two sides to every story

Each coin has two sides

The sky on my journey home last night was also split down the middle!

To my right it was that dark blue-y grey that always delivers its promised deluge. It looked magnificent and majestic against the plain fields and bare hedgerows. The rich brown ploughed soil and the tender green shoots of winter wheat somehow seemed more vivid. More vibrant. More alive. The energy was almost palpable!

Initially my attention had been drawn to the sky by the stunning colours of sunset to my left but reflected in the window I was next to. The contrast against the darkness was enthralling.

A great swathe of white cloud was transformed into a canopy of coral that arced over the setting sun. It reminded me of a theatre stage, the curtains held in great gathers at each side, rippling with reds and deep pinks.

Each vista breathtakingly attractive

Diametric opposites - rain and shine

Somewhere above me, hidden from my view, they joined together and formed a whole...

The delights of complementarity...

Come rain, come shine

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