Friday, 14 January 2011

Hoodies - what do they bring to your mind?

They have a really negative connotation at the moment. Linked with people who want to remain anonymous at best, threatening at worst.

I've been pondering this all week because on Sunday I was delighted to see that one of the young choristers at church had a hoodie on! I knew because it was worn outside her traditional robes carefully draped and arranged on top! Fabulous!

Then it came back to the top of my musings yesterday evening as I walked through London to meet a friend and suffered what can only be described as "hoodie-envy"! The weather was sort of wet, one of those horrible drizzles, barely enough to warrant an umbrella but too much to ignore if you're out in it for a while. A hoodie would've been perfect.

Some times we're so swift to tar everything - or everyone - with the same brush. We see a symbol or a sign and immediately assume an allegiance or action.

One person's chronic shyness or desire to keep warm is another person's threat or intimidation.

Like relationships - great societies rely on our understanding and consideration of others...

Broken societies betray a lack of that: a pervading intolerance and a preference for "me" as opposed to "us"

At the end of the day hoodies are actually an ancient form of very practical attire that have been somewhat hijacked!

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