Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Today was the same as every day when I arrived at the building I work in. I smiled and said good morning to the reception team and Paul said "Morning Sue"! (You already know about my tendency to talk to everyone and anyone!!)

As I went through the barriers with my swipecard and wandered in the direction of the lifts (I work on the 6th floor) I was struck by how great it is to be greeted by my name.

What a delight that is!

A personal good morning...

Tuesday evening's I gather with a group of friends - as often as I can - and we chew over all sorts of things about our faith in all sorts of diverse ways! Yesterday evening we reflected on last year's star events in our lives and speculated on this year's. What we'd really like to look back on in twelve months and say 'that was good'. It doesn't actually have to be faith related and I think many of us do it anyway, even subconsciously, around this time of the year.

We read one short passage from the Bible but one tiny section of it can crashing back into my thoughts as I walked to the lifts. The passage was chosen because it is referring to stars and the whole piece is fabulously inspirational, but the little bit that bobbed to the surface of my mind was...

He who brings out their host and numbers them, calling them all by name

It's so special to be called by your name isn't it...?

The whole passage is Isaiah 40. 25-31 It's a beautiful piece and has a particularly precious place in my heart... if you want to check it out

By the way - I woke up in the middle of the night last night - pitch black 2 or 3 am - to the sweetest bird song! I'm sure it was real, not just my mind playing (delicious) tricks!!

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