Saturday, 8 January 2011

I've been remembering the beautiful frosts we had just before Christmas.

Its amazing how ice crystals transform the most ordinary - even ugly - item into something of beauty. Snow is stunning but it doesn't have the delicacy that frost possesses.

On a long train journey during the cold snap I saw a goods train whose wagons looked fabulous, as if they were draped in shimmering organza.

But now it has all gone. The snow has melted, the frost has disappeared and even the ice in the balancing pond near the house has dispersed. It's left quite a mess. Plants, damaged and burnt by the cold, look brown and soggy. Nature is definitely not at it's most attractive at the moment.

Somehow frost disguises the decay and death of winter

An external coating that beguiles and belies the truth that lies underneath

Equally the opposite is true!

We're often unimpressed by what we see on the surface and that applies not just by objects or nature but also to people. However, ultimately its the hidden beauty that lies beneath that is the real treasure.

Sometimes we struggle to get through the unappealing surface to discover the gem inside...

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