Monday, 24 January 2011

Fear is such a puzzling emotion

I have to own up to two fears in my life. One reasonably rational and the other utterly bonkers!

My reasonably rational fear is I find enclosed spaces a challenge. Its a mild form of claustrophobia that isn't enough to stops me using lifts but is sufficient to make me avoid small, dark damps tunnels etc. The sort found when you decide to visit ancient buildings and do the full tour. I can even get a whiff of the musty smell as I write this.

The completely mad fear I have is of spiders! I'm a scientist by trade and know that here in the UK they pose no threat, quite the opposite they eat annoying insects like flies that transfer infections.

Yet, yesterday I had a "spider incident" that included a big - and I do mean big, my family will corroborate that - spider crawling all over me! My right ear was the first time I felt it but of course I couldn't see it. By the time I did 'clock it' it was on my right hand. My screams brought the family running to my rescue imagining near fatal injuries.

I survived - though wondered how I'd sleep, OK I'm glad to say. No nightmares. I really do not know why I'm so scared of them, its stupid. I seem unable to combat it. Spiders beware...!

However, I've just read an article that has put confronting fear into a whole new context. It was written by a priest exactly a year on from his first article when he revealed his cancer diagnosis and the impact that had had.

This one started from the point when his specialist told him there was nothing else they could do to counter the growth of his cancer.

It was a truly inspiring piece, open and honest, raw and real.

It confronted and conquered a fear so many of us avoid for far too long...

We often build up our fears into something complicated, adding to them piece by piece. To a point when it becomes difficult to undo them...

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  1. The only thing in this live to be afraid of is fear!
    Fear is destructive emotion!