Friday, 7 January 2011

Time is so precious

The time we spend with people, either physically or virtually, can be so important. More than we sometimes realise... Yesterday's blog started me on a whole new sidetrack of thought!

It is so easy to let folk slip off your personal radar - out of sight is (or can be) out of mind... Yet you never know how important your contact might be to them. A quick hello - by what ever means - can be invaluable...

And wider than that. More often than not I pause and say good morning to the staff at my local tube station, to the point that we now have a short conversation! I thank bus drivers as I get off. I chat to the checkout people in the supermarkets! I apologise to people if I bump into them - though that's often because someone else has bumped into me.

I leave what my mother would call "a little something" (usually a box of sweets) for the folk who remove my rubbish and deliver papers/post. OK it's their job and they get paid for it but I wouldn't want to do it and I'm really glad they do!

I just try to show my gratitude and it's not been dismissed yet. Neither have I been arrested for harassment!!

Yes, our time is precious...

... which makes the gift of it to someone else much, much more...

I won't make a habit of adding a postscript each day about the previous day but... I have to tell you that we were treated to the most beautiful sunset yesterday afternoon. Warm hues lit up the sky and lifted the hearts and spirits of those who saw it! (But we're back to grey and drab today!! Boo!)

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